Getting the whole song to loop?

So I teach it a song (Dead Flowers) which has 3 parts and 40 measures. Works great but I can’t figure out how to get the whole song to repeat (loop) which is a problem as to practice “performing” the song (at home) it HAS to repeat itself.

I tried teaching the whole song as a single part in the hope that I could just loop that but no matter what the trio messes up the chord changes somewhere later in the song, maybe because the song is longer than the recommended max of 32 measures.

So I have to find a way to do this as lots of songs (especially older ones) have multiple parts that add up to lots of measures and I HAVE to be able to loop the whole song to use it for what I hoped to use it for.

Hopefully I don’t have to struggle with learning a DAW just for this purpose.


PS sorry if this was covered somewhere. But I did read most of the entire manual.

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