Multiple udp connection inside of a network (ardupilot)

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and I’m working with a team on a project involving drones! In a nutshell our current system does not have an option to upload firmware to a drone via OTA . These days we have developed a prototype system based on an existing python script, which can only upload firmware to a drone via OTA. The drone has mounted on it an esp8266 that creates its own wifi network, connecting to that wifi network you are able to communicate directly with the FC with a virtual serial connection … If you want to get into the details and know the world of Ardupilot or drones I leave the link to the discuss :

This is where Trio comes in! What we need to know is how Trio is able to manage multiple UDP connections within a local network. Our goal is to modify the current python script (used to communicate only with drone) to extend it with Trio and allow us to communicate “simultaneously” with multiple drones and perform all the necessary actions for uploading.
I ask you then, no one has ever worked with mulitple UDP connections? Thanks for your help

By exploring your given link, I have learned a lot about the Ardupilot and drones. Thanks, man! It has significantly increased my interest on Ardupilot.

@Davide_Lentini Probably nobody has answered this because it’s trivial. Create a bunch of tasks, let each one serve one UDP socket.