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This is a wiki post (anyone can edit) to collect links to articles and other resources about structured concurrency. It’s probably missing stuff – please add to it!


Articles, talks, etc.

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The following link can be used for Kotlin coroutines: This is the basic intro into the coroutines library and it contains a separate section on structured concurrency.

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Hello :wave: and thanks! Do you want to edit the original post to add that? I think you should be able to by clicking the “Edit” button at the bottom of it, and I’m kind of curious whether it works :-). (If it doesn’t then I can edit it in.)


It does not show “Edit” for me. By the way, my recent post on “The reason to avoid GlobalScope” is also a veiled ad for structured concurrency, showing typical problems that exist if you don’t have one.


Ah-hah, apparently there’s an anti-spam thing where users have to be “trust level 1” before they can edit wiki posts, and since you only signed up 10 minutes ago you were still “trust level 0”. I just manually marked you as “trust level 2”, so you should be able to edit it now (and also post unlimited links and stuff like that).


Roman also has several posts on Medium which could fit in. I’m also going to add my own piece that introduces the idea of call stack vs. call tree.

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@sustrik Your link was already there :slight_smile: I merged the duplicates.

PS: check it out: “tree-o” :wink:

(full disclosure: this wasn’t actually the original motivation for the name… I was explaining the ideas to Stefan Karpinski and when I got to call trees he was like “oh, that’s why you called it that!” and I was like “wait what? oh, I mean… yes, exactly, because I’m very clever”)

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