Who's going to PyCon 2019? (The US one)

It’d be fun to know who’s going so we can meet up :slight_smile:

And also… there’s this interesting event happening: Mentored sprints for diverse beginners. They’re looking for folks who can help mentor new OSS contributors for a few hours on Saturday (middle day of the main conference). I’d like to sign up Trio up, and the form wants a list of who will be there to mentor. So – any volunteers? They want signups by March 14.

I’d like to, but residing in Tokyo and overall a lot of friction to overcome.

Maybe if I can come up with a good Trio presentation (trio in practice?). @njs any Trio talks planned this year?

Oh, too late :confused:

Off, yeah, Tokyo is quite a trek! And yeah, talks deadline was a while ago. I don’t know of any Trio talks, though the schedule’s not up yet so who knows :-). You do still have time to submit a play though?

I and several other members of the CircuitPython team will be at Pycon 2019 in Cleveland. We’d be interested in talking to you folks about incorporating structured, easy-to-use concurrency for CircuitPython. I’ve started a thread on the topic.