Overlap between "Announcements" and "Show off your work"

There is category confusion regarding where to post about new packages and talks. A few people have been using “Announcements” which seems suitable, but “Show off your work” specifically mentions libraries and talks.

A somewhat related issue, @smurfix created a general topic within “Show off your work” for package announcements, but that doesn’t seem to work well because you have to explicitly dig into the thread to see what’s new, instead of having top level title / notification with the library name.

Perhaps there are three levels of Trio relation:

  1. project which uses Trio as an implementation detail (e.g. app using Trio internally)
  2. library which is compatible with the Trio framework (e.g. a sansio Redis client that supports Trio)
  3. library which is specifically targeted to developers writing Trio libraries or applications (e.g. library of general Trio utilities, async collection types, tooling plugins for Trio, etc.)

The same thinking can be applied to talks.

#3 aligns well with Announcements, but other than that I’m not sure what to suggest yet. Since Trio user base is tiny, perhaps I would have had Announcements only, and once traffic gets too high start splitting things up.

I spent like 3 minutes coming up with the initial list of categories for the initial empty forum, so I’m sure it’s not perfect and will need changes as we go :slight_smile:.

I feel like there is some distinction between “announcements” and “show off your work” – like, “watch out, the next trio release is going to rework exception handling and probably break stuff” would definitely be an announcement, and “I’m excited about how I used trio to save some time rearranging my private mp3 collection and I want to share it with other folks who will be excited with me” would definitely be a “show off your work”. But maybe we haven’t gotten the categories quite right or nailed down the exact boundaries yet.

Luckily, it’s not a big deal if some posts aren’t in exactly the right categories… I think readers will mostly figure things out? And we can always rearrange things later if we need to. So it’s OK if things aren’t quite perfect yet. (It’s more important to have good categories on forums with heavy traffic, so people can filter out parts they don’t care about, but that’s not an issue for us yet.)